Who are Easy Financial Planning?


Easy have been operating since 2006 and are regarded as specialists in Pension Transfers and Income Drawdown. Easy are directly regulated by the FCA* and our experience and infrastructure allow us to excel in the field of offering advice to clients of IFA practices.


In the current economic climate, it is important for all financial professionals to maintain a vast range of products and services which they can offer to their clients. Easy have established themselves as leaders in the field of supporting financial advisers in areas of advice they may not be familiar with.


A recent study shows that half of UK adults aged between 20 and 60 are not putting aside any funds into a pension. By introducing clients to Easy, you are guaranteeing them quality pension advice and securing them with the knowledge they need to make an informed choice for their future.


Easy are an experienced team of advisers, paraplanners and administrators who are proud to be offering a first class service to every client that is introduced to us.


How are Easy different?


Case Handlers

Our case handlers take out the hassle of dealing with this area of advice. We take ownership of the client during the process, completing the fact find and assessing their objectives, attitude to risk and capacity for loss directly with them.


Your case handler will:

  • Obtain all the information needed about the pension you are seeking advice upon
  • Chase for outstanding requirements
  • Send you (and your client if requested) weekly updates on our progress
  • Package up our report
  • Chase ceding schemes for transfer funds


    There can be a large amount of documents for your client to consider and it can be frustrating if the pack arrives not fully completed.


    We will always send the client the following:

  • A letter of instruction outlining all the matters requiring your client's attention
  • All application forms duly completed and 'tabbed' where you client needs to add details or their signature
  • All discharge forms again tabbed where signatures are required
  • Requests for other documents

    In addition, we will send our report pack with all the necessary documents included. The process is easy for your clients to follow and will rule out errors and unnecessary delays.


    What can Easy do for you?


    At Retirement Vesting: Income Drawdown and Annuity

    Failure to look at all possible permutation of Annuity and Income Drawdown would leave an adviser open to future legal challenges over the fair exercise of their duties.


    Occupational Pension Transfers

    Whether you are G60/ AF3 qualified or not, these can prove to be challenging areas to offer advice. Many of our IFA clients prefer to use our service despite being qualified to offer advice.


    Network members find that our service is quicker than the in-house service and also offers higher earning potential.


    Personal Pension Transfers

    These transfers have come under the focus of the FCA recently and as a result many of our IFA clients prefer to introduce these cases to a specialist. We can use the latest transfer analysis tools to ensure that your clients are not disadvantaged - on paper that is.


    Network Members


    While most networks offer a Transfer and Income Drawdown service, the process can be ponderous and expensive, our service is different.


    You will receive a weekly update from a dedicated case manager. This ensures you can keep your client up to date.



    In short, the case will be handled in a way that suits you and not your network.


    All you need to do is send us the enquiry, we will do the rest.