The Online Factfind:
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The online factfinds are used to submit business to us.


They are simple to complete and are designed to save you time by automatically producing all of the documentation needed to begin working with your client including:


  • 'Getting started' instructions
  • Completed factfind for your records
  • Client Declarations
  • Letters of Authority to pension providers
  • All 'Keyfacts' documents.


Visit the IFA Toolbox now to access them and all of our other time saving tools.

The Easy Process


As you probably know, pension transfers can be complicated and time-consuming. At Easy, our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to allow us to handle your cases effectively and efficiently. Our advanced systems and infrastructure enable the transfer process to be smooth, informative and straightforward.

You complete an online factfind

Document pack emailed to all parties

Client signs and returns declaration form and letter(s) of authority

We liaise with current scheme(s)

We obtain policy details from current providers

We analyse all policy information to enable advice to be given

We always keep abreast of financial markets

We consult with major investment houses

We establish a portfolio of funds based on attitude to risk

A fully comprehensive report is prepared based on the clients circumstances

We explain our recommendations, advice and other options available to the client

All parties are given the time to discuss the features of the transfer

You return application and money laundering form

We regularly chase relevant parties and supply weekly update emails

We send policy documents to client and share of fees or commission to you

Your clients can take advantage of our fund monitoring service

Annual reviews provided

All administration carried out for the life of the policy


* This last section is optional, depending on the terms of the contract between Easy and the Introducer